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Consumer Issues Section

This page gives you links to many Internet resources to answer a wide variety of consumer questions, such as links to Internet Search engines, state and federal agencies, on-line book stores, reference sources, medical information sites, weather forcasts, space-related information, dealing with scams, identity theft, hoaxes, medical privacy, and travel advisories for foreign travelers.

Directory to Pages in this Section -
Alternative Energy Information Global Positioning Systems Reference Resources
Astronomy, Space, and Satellite Information Government Agencies Resources for Handling Internet Purchases
Automobile, Travel Information Resources Healthy or Safe Housing Science Fiction
Book Stores Online Hoaxes Resources Search Engines
Charity Solicitations Resources Humor Sports
Credit Bureau Issues Identity Theft Resources Technical Support
Credit Bureau Reports Junk Mail and How To Get Rid of It Telemarketers
Dial 809 Scam Maps Online Travel Advisories Resources
Emergency Information Medical Privacy Protection Resources Unclaimed Property Database
Environmental Resources Medicare Refund Scam< Weather Information
FTC Scams Guidelines Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Financial Planning National Medical Records Database

Parts of some of these pages were originally developed for the Y2K situation; be aware that some of the resources that came online for that purpose may have been moved or disappeared. To cover that possiblility, note that the full Web address is often given; if you cannot access the specified page, sometimes you can access the site by removing one or more directory fields at the end of the address and still get to the information of interest via either a direct link or using that site's search command.)


And last, but not least, here are links to what some people call Internet humor:

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